State Park
Bidwell Park Nature Center
1968 E 8th St - Chico

One Mile Dam Recreation
Bidwell Park - 300 South Park Dr.

Five Mile Dam Recreation
Centennial Ave - East of Manzanita Ave
Downtown City Plaza
Main & 5th St
Alligator Hole

Bear Hole

Bidwell Ranch

Brown's Hole

Day Camp Area

Devil's Kitchen

Disc Golf

Diversion Dam

Green Gate

Pine Trail

Salmon Hole
1928 Manzanita Avenue  
• 25 acres of Park Bliss
• Baseball/Softball fields
• Playground
• Nine-hole children's disc golf
• BBQs &  Picnic Tables
• Horseshoe Pits
• Basketball Court
• Restrooms
Chico Parks
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Bidwell Park is one of the most
popular features of Chico with
3,670 acres covering about 17%
of Chico. The size of the park
makes it the third largest
municipal park in California and one
of the 25 largest city parks in the
United States.
Besides the size of the park one
of the  beautiful attractions in
the park is the steady flow of
water from the upper park down
to one mile swimming area
covering about 11 miles.  Bidwell
Park is  known for numerous trails
for biking, hiking and horseback
riding throughout the park.
Bidwell Park
Chico Parks
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Where To Go  &    What To Do